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Sociedad Concesionaria Aeropuerto Araucanía S.A., was adjudge the construction and operation of the Nuevo Aeropuerto of the Araucania Region, through an international public tender convened by the Ministry of Public Works in December and adjudged through a Supreme Decree MOP N° 121 on February of 2010.

The stockholders of the concessioner are Empresa Constructora Belfi S.A. and Inversiones Araucania S.A. with a 51% and 49% of the shares.

The New Airport Araucania Region is located in the commune of Freire 20 km south – west of the city of Temuco, about 4 km west of Route 5. View Map

The New Airport of the Araucania Region is situated 20 kms. south-west of the city of Temuco, approximately 3 kms. west of Route 5. The project consists in the construction of a new airport for the Region, to replace the actual Maquehue airfield of Temuco, with all the civil works and necessary facilities seeing in one with international characteristics. Also, it includes the construction of the access road to the new airport and the connection with Route 5 in the new projected road.

Among the main projects, the construction of a new runway of 2.440 m of longitude, a parking platform of 22.770 m2 of approximate area, with capacity for 4 airplanes; a passenger terminal of approximately 5.300 m2; three boarding bridges, aeronautic buildings for the Civil Aviation General Direction; a control tower; help systems for air navigation (ILS Cat. III, VOR-DME, lights approximation, etc.) construction of connexion routes, are contemplated among others.